Getting Prepared

Lets get ready and check some things before inspection. These are some but not all of the things that will cause your vehicle to fail inspection.

Trucks or tractors

  • Lost or missing front or rear license plate.
  • Broken or cracked windshield.
  • Inoperative or defective windshield wipers or washer fluid.
  • Inoperative or damaged Lighting Equipment (Headlights, taillights, turn signals, clearance and marker lights).
  • Inoperative or defective seat belts.
  • Brake defects including air brakes out of adjustment, wheel seals leaking, air leaks, brake shoes worn out.
  • Inoperative low air alarm.
  • Inoperative body-up alarm.
  • Horn not working.
  • Defective or worn out tires.
  • Broken Wheel studs or missing lug nuts.


  • Lost or missing VIN or damaged/missing license plate.
  • Worn out tires.
  • Defective safety chains.
  • Inoperative lighting devices.
  • Worn out pintle hooks.
  • Inoperative break-a-way brake system.